Medialogic Software powers, a web-based facilities document management system. It's the best tool for facility managers and owners.

We believe that creating win-win arrangements between partners is ideal to growing and sustaining a business. We seek partners world wide to utilize our software platform to create value added services for facility owners and managers.

Below there are three ways in which to partner with MediaLogic. If you would like to explore an opportunity to distribute our products please click on this link: Become Partner

  • Consulting
    We partner with individuals and organizations that market to and consult with with facility owners and Property Management company’s. Many client company’s are looking for advise on how to manage facility documentation. Contact us and direct leads our way. If your lead turns into business, its worth a finders fee to us.
  • Agent/Resellers
    Resellers and agents represent our product as part of their value added services. We offer a revenue generating product that allows both companies and individuals to build a profitable portfolio of business. Contact us for system training and reseller pricing. After a short course, you will be ready to go out and find customers, Set them up their own Planroom site, the get them to upload their facility documentation and start collecting residual income for your effort!.
  • Value Added Software Partner
    We Align our efforts with many companies through a partnership that use our document engine to allow extended platforms in other products. If you are looking for a product that will enhance your offering and wish to integrate our features into your system, please contact our business development team today.