Medialogic Software powers, a web-based facilities document management system. It's the best tool for facility managers and owners.


Medialogic Software provides Planroom, a web-based facilities document management system. Our organization has been involved in document management for twelve years, and we have specialized in facilities document management since 2006. Our team members have more than 10 years of document management experience, and Planroom has been used by more than 30 satisfied facility managers.

Planroom has perfected web-based facilities document management. Planroom eliminates off-site storage needs for your most critical facilities documents, providing one central web location where all facilities documents can be easily accessible 24/7 to contractors, vendors, first responders, and facility managers — and it does it all independently of the IT system you already have in place. There is no need for IT support as Planroom’s web-based facilities document management system runs seamlessly within the IT structure you already have in place.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with an affordable, easy-to-use web – based solution that eliminates the risk of losing important facilities documents to fire, water, theft and mismanagement while at the same time making facilities documents easily and quickly accessible to facilities managers, emergency response teams, and a community of users that can include anyone involved in your building operations.

Planroom provides facilities document management solutions to companies in numerous sectors of business, including health clubs, school districts, enterprise and small businesses.

We offer our facilities document management customers a reliable and easy to use solution so they can focus on their core competencies knowing that our core competency is facilities document management.