Medialogic Software powers, a web-based facilities document management system. It's the best tool for facility managers and owners.

About Planroom

Medialogic provides a web-based facility document management system. The core of our system is Planroom, which is an advanced, cost-effective and environmentally conscious approach to managing key information, as-built plans, documents, warranty tracking, MSDS and other critical documents associated with your facilities.

Planroom is a complete solution to fit the needs of your facilities operations and management with state of the industry features including:

  • Secure access and sharing capabilities within multiple departments, service providers, Contractors, management and emergency response
  • Quick viewing options for the entire facility document library from a web browser
  • MSDS module centrally manages all of your facilities MSDS from a central location
  • Date notification keeps records and warranty data current and accessible with little management
  • Operational features provide opportunities to save time, money, and reduce risk in your facilities
  • Emergency response solutions provide key responders access to evacuation routes, HVAC, security records, emergency contact information and more

We would like to show you how Planroom can benefit your facilities. Call us today at 1-866-691-1975 and schedule a free online demonstration. There is no cost to you for our consultation, and we will be available to discuss customized solutions for your facilities as well as answer any questions you have.