Medialogic Software powers, a web-based facilities document management system. It's the best tool for facility managers and owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service different from other scanning / archiving companies?

Web-based: Unlike many services, Planroom is truly web-based and all your facility documents, plans, drawings and records are viewable directly with your standard web-browser. Document tagging allows you to view file details quickly on the internet. No proprietary software is required, and special viewing features such as zoom, rotate, pan and print are available.

Emergency response: Planroom offers unique modules for Life Safety Response teams to have access to important facility emergency documents such as floorplans, evacuation routes and contact numbers.

Vendor Management: Planroom allows close Owner – Vendor contact. Vendors update specific information on their products as needed. Owners are able to track warranty information, vendor contacts and view all as-builts and building plans simultaneously.

Useful functionality: Planroom was created with building owners and operators in mind. Because of this, Planroom has unique features such as Vendor file tagging (when a Vendor uploads product information or an as-built, he add file details on a met-tag), customizable file folders, a CAD file vault and even MSDS Management.