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MSDS Solutions

If your facility is like most, brightly-colored binders filled with Material Safety Data Sheets are stored on your bookcase, in your facilities closets, in your storage rooms and other places throughout your building.
While necessary, these binders quickly become out of date and are often not quickly accessible. Planroom allows you to store electronic copies of MSDS documents with notification of when each document is going “out of date” and they’ll be accessible in just a few clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now you can keep just one copy in your storage area, and keep the rest of the copies in Planroom’s online storage unit. A simple way to store, organize and keep the most current documents referenced.

Give your personnel quick and easy access to MSDS documents with Planroom’s community-based format. Meaning, you can allow whomever you choose to access the documentation through Planroom (via secure username/password access). Create efficient workflow and save time and hassle of storing and managing hard copy binders.

But it’s not limited to MSDS documents. Planroom can store virtually any operating documents you choose to store, like blueprint plans, AutoCAD and building automation files, for example. You’ll literally eliminate the need for a physical “plan room.”

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