Medialogic Software powers, a web-based facilities document management system. It's the best tool for facility managers and owners.

Key Benefits

Whether you handle facility management as one of many other responsibilities, or work in facilities management full-time, the management and storage of your critical operating documents is of utmost importance.

From blueprints, electronic diagrams and floor plans to equipment data sheets, materials safety and warranty information, in today’s world, it’s crucial for you and emergency first-responders to have immediate access to these documents.

See why more and more organizations rely on Planroom:

  • Eliminates off-site storage needs for your critical operations documents
  • Gives you the ability to scan and archive all of your files in one central location-via the web.
  • Facilitates a community of users-anyone involved in your building operations has the ability to access to documents at any time.
  • Allows you to assign access to the contractors and vendors you work with on a per-job basis.
  • Offers you an affordable, easy-to-use, low-maintenance solution.
  • Secure online format, providing access anytime, anywhere-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Helps you protect documents from fire, water, theft and mismanagement.
  • Protects assets and lives with emergency-response documentation.
  • Improves emergency plans by giving emergency response teams access to building plans, evacuation routes and more.
  • Helps you develop a paperless operation-promoting green initiatives and precious energy-efficiency. Reducing paper dependency, printing less, and eliminating the need to re-create damaged documents (in paper format) supports energy-efficient facility guidelines.
  • There’s no need for additional IT support from your organization-Planroom runs independent from your existing IT infrastructure, so updates are seamless to your operations.